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ref date:22 Jan 1999 (ECON)
Massive oil and gas reserves and yet Scotsman paper sides with London

Yet again the Scotsman paper has sided with London in its bid to prohibit let alone inhibit moves towards Scottish independence.

The shallow and illogical editorial line of this once great paper shows it can't have a calculator in the building on North Bridge!

Better Scotland has its reserves found and unfound under its own control than giving them away to London coffers.

I'm still sickened the paper also sticks to the now known LIE that Scotland gets more from London than it gives.

I lived in Edinburgh for 4 years and bought and read the Scotsman every day, it is a shadow of its former self, a shell held together by the desire to keep that so called union on a pedestal - flying in the face of common sense, reason and hard cold numbers.

Scottish 'business leaders' who follow the papers lead are as poorly informed, uneducated and gullible.