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ref date:30 Oct 2000 (WBA)
Entrapment schemes for criminals need VERY careful scrutiny

Lord Justice Saville, a law lord, said this of new BLAIRITE plans to use USA type entrapment techniques to entice people into committing crimes: "I am not in favour of entrapment, and most judges would react with extreme caution because it offends the British sense of justice.
Certainly, I would have thought there would be repercussions as far as the European Human Rights Act is concerned. The Article 6 fair trial provisions make it clear that it is unfair to trap people."

However, right winger Chief Inspector John Powell of the Metropolitan police said: "Anything that widens our scope in the fight against crime has got to be welcomed."

One LABOUR MP raised the usual excuse to infringe our basic Legally backed human rights -"The problems with the internet where predatory paedophiles are concerned are an obvious starting point, but we want to look at how any change could be used across the system."