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ref date:15 Sep 2000 (ECON)
Economic poll shows voters out of touch with reality

New opinion and voting intention polls show that the "British public", for that read South East England commuters, now trust the Tories more than Labour to run "the country".

Sick of hearing this? Sick of the voters in Scotland who dont realise that a vote for Labour is the same as a vote for the Tories: a vote for continued high taxation and subjugation of the Scots.

I don't care what the English want to vote for, all I care about and all any Scots person should care about, should be what they can do for their country, that's Scotland, not the "UK".

The Tories murdered the Scottish economy and Blair hes kept burying it, would these Unionist voters really vote Tory rather vote for the SNP and their economic freedom and nationhood, are they so cowardly?