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ref date:21 Jan 2002 (ECON)
Blairs government borrowing as it cannot manage the economy

The Westminster based government that rules Scotland through the Labour party 'Scottish executive' borrowed 5.4bn ($8billion U.S.) last month as it cannot manage a corner shop let alone the economy of Scotland or England.

What stinks is that Scotland gets lumbered with at LEAST 10% of this debt (because of the corrupt and demeaning Trey of Union) and the borrowed cash goes where? Into projects in ENGLAND mainly.

Why should Scotland pay Englands debts - as we have done for centuries. If England wants a big army , navy and play, my Nuke is bigger than yours at the UN security council let them, but Scots should focus on what matters most, the well being of Scots and Scotland.

Every time England passes debts onto Scotland and calls it the 'National Debt' Scotlands pathetic parliament should DEMAND to see where the money from this 'debt' was spent, if it was NOT for Scotland directly (forget army/navy/UN/NATO crap) then this is NOT Scottish debt, but debt of an imperialist Westminster.

Scotland will never be debt free until it brushes the leeches off.