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ref date:18 Jan 1999 (HEA)
Labour continues to UNDERPAY all nurses

Labours giant warm hearted contribution to a healthier "nation" rose to surface with a fanfare yesterday...NEW nurses are set for a pay rise of up to 11 per cent, it was reported today. The recommendation, taking the pay of a newly qualified nurse from 12,855 to 14,269, was said to have been made by the independent Pay Review Body.

WOW Given that you can only get 3X your salary for a house buying, nurses can now afford reinforced boxes under the M25 to live in.

This is terrible. These people are professionals, they have had 3-4 years of university and hospital training to care for the sick and this is how Nu Labour treats them? But then again Labour has just squandered 1billion pounds on the bloody millennium dome and goodness knows how much pushing lies and back handers to many in Scotland to help derail the Scots need to be free once more.

How much are MPs paid?