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ref date:5 Jun 2002 (edu)
Private finance initiative on Schools falling to pieces
Labour has long pushed the notion that letting private institutions mentor and ultimately control public facilities such as the railways, hospitals and Schools is a good thing.

This was the same bible preached by the right wing Tory party under Thatcher for years. We've all see the results. Higher electricity prices, higher gas prices, higher water bills, longer NHS waiting lists, deaths on the railways and now, by renaming the Private finance initiative to the public-private-partnership, we see Scottish schools under attack.

Two Scottish councils, in Falkirk and Dunbartonshire have seen enough and have given a point blank NO to any private involvement in schools.

Here is a list of PFI/PPP failure - as if you need be reminded. Brought by the rightwing LABOUR AND TORY PARTIES who are fundementally anti-Scottish.

  • Schools failure
  • Transport failure
  • NHS failure