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ref date:22 Jan 1999 (SI)
Labour starts its Scottish election campaign

The Labour party setup their camp to try and persuade Scottish voters to let them 'Nu Labour' run the Scottish parliament.

They established a base camp in the hydro hotel in Dunblane - a hot bed of TORY SUPPORT over the years.

Labour will realise their own little massacre come next May when they are soundly beaten into perhaps third place in Scotland.

John I'm-now-a-southern-englisher Prescott said "I think for the last 18 months people have rested a bit on their laurels. We have to sell our message and win the trust of people and that means knocking on doors telling them what you are doing. The old traditional approach is still the only way."

YES. Labours old way.

Keep the Scots thinking they are too weak to stand on their own two feet.

Keep bleeding the Scottish economy dry.

Keep that damnable "UNION" flag flying.. eh boys?