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ref date:1 May 1998 (WBA)
London slights Scots technical know how

The world trade fair to be held in Lisbon (Portugal) on 22/May this year uses CD technology and multi media to show the so called "UK" , as Robin Cook Foreign Secretary put it, as a "dynamic, forward-looking country".

But is depicts the Scots using images not of Scots leading cancer research, computer technology and oil expertise , but as the land of of the Loch Ness monster, golf, the Edinburgh military (London controlled) tattoo and misty highland mountains.

One Foreign Office official said this was perfectly acceptable as "If some crusty colonel who has retired to the Algarve comes to the exhibition this is what they will expect to see"

To hell with the Foreign Office.

Scots business leaders ought to be bloody incensed. Who the hell do these morons in London think they are? The expo is primarily to promote business interest in attending countries. We already have the Scottish Tourist Board doing a fine job of showing the world what a good holiday destination and cultural wonderland Scotland is.

I'm surprised the CD doesn't show what a great place Scotland is to bury your countries Nuclear waste.... Its all London thinks the Scots and Scotland are fit for after all. Well that and to extort and rape revenue from Scottish natural resources.

Fire Robin Cook.