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ref date:7 Apr 1999 (SI)
Englands Queen Elizabeth wants to stay on in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth the first of the so called "UK", known to the less well informed as Queen Elizabeth the second (of England) or even the Queen of England, has indicated that she may want to keep her role as monarch in an independent Scotland, even if as a figurehead.

She said "Recent developments which have allowed Scotland and Wales greater say in the way they are governed should be seen in that light and as proof that the kingdom can still enjoy all the benefits of remaining united.

"Being united that is feeling a unity of purpose is the glue that bonds together the members of a family, a country, a commonwealth. Without it, the parts are only fragments of a whole; with it, we can be much more than the sum of those fragments."

The Scots have no unity of purpose with London. They suffer economically under London now as they have for 300 years or more. Scotland will be a part of the E.U., that is the new trading block and partner Scotland needs and not the outmoded monarch headed "U.K".

Sorry Lizzy, don't call us we'll call you--- perhaps!