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ref date:10 Oct 1997 (ENV)
Radiation exposure more deadly than once thought

A study once ridiculed by the scientific establishment in 1982 has now been accepted as being scientifically sound: Its findings indicate that exposure to even so called 'low levels' of man made radiation may have catastrophic effects on cell stability within the human body - so called genomic instabilities form.

These instabilities may well be linked to many diseases including cancers, birth defects and neurological degenerative conditions.

It is now clear that Labour must act to stop the processing of foreign nuclear waste at Dounreay in Northern Scotland - the jobs do not allow a slow murder to be committed on the people by a government 800 miles away in London.

The discharge of 'low level' nuclear waste into the sea off Scotland and Ireland from Selafield must also be stopped.

Lets see if Labours 'green credentials' are really environmentally friendly or if they just duped green voters.