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ref date:7 Oct 2000 (ENV)
Radiation site Dounreay in Scotland an expensive hazard

Whilst the now lunatic environmentalists argue we should pay a 75% fuel tax to 'save the earth' whilst we allow the USA and china to keep on polluting, they have not been so vocal on radiation any more.

Is it not trendy enough?

Last week it was disclosed that the homes of many Dounreay workers had been contaminated with plutonium dust carried on their clothing, a material known to cause many rare cancers, and many children here die.

5 billion ($9billion) will be needed to cleanse dounreay. Perhaps these environmentalists need to impose a tax on the LONDON controlled parliament that put the reactor here and at Hunterston in Scotland, instead of bleating on about carbon dioxide. Another few years and London will be swimming anyway if seas rise anymore!!