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ref date:24 Sep 2000 (SI)

John Swinney is the new leader of the Scottish National Party, he was elected by a 2-1 majority over his rival, Alex Neil.

Swinney said he wanted two things, a party that would follow its executives decisions and a party that would take control over Scotlands parliament and then move Scotland to an independent nation once more.

John Reid, the Scottish secretary, said: "Now that Alex Salmond has fled the field the Nationalists are left with a second-choice leader presiding over a deeply divided party marked by factional infighting. One third of the delegates voted for Alex Neil, a clear indication of the depth of the fault line running through the SNP."

THIS IS THE REAL JOHN REID - MR BLAIR (and Westminsters poodle)

Reid backs London over theft of Scottish Seas
Reid says Scots should not have financial autonomy
Reid plays London politics and ignore orders from Scottish parliament
Reid payed 91000 pounds a year to betray Scotlands interests