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ref date:2 Nov 2001 (WBA)
Liberals reject SNP pact to maintain meagre grasp on power

The Liberal party has said it would NOT co-operate with the SNP, the party that wants to make Scotland a FREE nation within the European Union.

The Liberals LIED to their electorate last time as they backed down time and again over issues they PROMISED their voters they would hold the London controlled Labour party in Scotland to.

Heres a list of climbdowns the Liberals executed to maintain their seats with their London controlled Labour masters in the Scottish executive.

This is part of Blairs plan to DENY the Scots independence at any price.

Jim Wallace the liberal leader said "More than 70% of our 1999 manifesto has been delivered, which is not a bad record for the smaller party in a coalition"

A shame so many IMPORTANT issues you promised would help the Scots you did NOT deliver on.....