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ref date:5 Oct 1998 (CD)
Scottish tax payers WILL be penalised by Westminster

Donald Dewar and the loony New Labour party have said that the Barnett formula, the sleazy method by which the Scots get back less tax from London than they pay in tax is calculated, MAY be reviewed after 1999 when the Scottish parliament sits.

On December 9th 1997 Westminster vowed it would review AND CUT payments to Scotland, how convenient they forget this and let the forgetful Scottish Labour voter forget also.

The Scottish parliament should vote to implement a TOTALLY independent tax collecting PAYE scheme as soon as it sits. Tax should be collected and stay in the Scottish exchequer, its our work, our time , our money. Does London think it is going to dictate through its recalculated Barnett formula how much of our money we get back?

This is a ridiculous notion.