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ref date:18 Jan 1998 (SI)
Scots Rich ponder independence

Many rich "Scottish" landowners - people who were given title by the English after wars and bribes were accepted by their ancestors to sell Scotland out - are now nervous that a Scottish parliament will let the public have more access to the countryside and that they may have to pay higher property taxes under the Scottish parliament.

I'd hope the Scottish parliament would take the land away from many of these long time traitors and give it back to the public and the Scottish private sector who could work jointly to develop the land to make profit and protect the environment.

One well known family line who accepted bribes to sign the Act of Union (Duke of Sutherland, of Roxburghshire) is Scotland's fourth richest in The Sunday Times list and worth 150m. He described the Scottish parliament as "the stupidest thing that has ever happened". He said he does not believe the public has been given enough information about what future powers a parliament may hold.