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ref date:19 Aug 2000 (ENV)
BP plans to power its deep seas rig from ONSHORE

At this moment in time every oil and gas platform in Scottish waters basically generates its own power buy burning shipped-in diesel or gas removed during drilling operations.

This seems wasteful and inefficient. Now BP plans to use a land based giant power plant with strict pollution (carbon dioxide filtering) control to feed direct current to a HUB platform in the North sea which in turn would feed out power to all its rigs!

The gas saved could be sold to industry.

This does seem environmentally sound and full of good business acumen. However, steps MUST be taken to ensure that if the HUB platform fails or if current carry cables are cut, that safety on the rigs is NOT compromised.

Additionally, London should NOT be allowed to relax other pollution measures by saying this one station helps so much. In fact, the Scots people should perhaps benefit more from this by having their CLEAN Hydroelectric plants exempt from the punitive London power-eco tax.

If London will not agree to this, then Scotlands 'parliament' should NOT let the plant be built in Scotland at all.