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ref date:30 Mar 2001 (ENV)
Green taxes a rip off as USA breaks treaty promises

George Bush and his party are bank rolled by American corporations. The current valiant attempt to kill off soft money corrupting all of US politics will fail. The wireless industry gets to microwave us all via their towers and handsets, and then lies over safety. But heh, didn't the DTI in London and the FCC in the USA make over 50billion dollars by selling what they DO NOT own, the radio frequency spectrum to THESE polluters.

And people wonder WHY extreme anti capitalist groups are engendering a stronger following?

Charles Secrett, of Friends of the Earth International, said of George Bushes dumping of the Kyoto green house gas measures: "George Bush's decision to rat on the Kyoto treaty is grim news ... This ignorant, short-sighted and selfish politician, long since firmly jammed into the pockets of the oil lobby, clearly couldn't care less."

So whilst the Scots continue paying 73% fuel tax to protect the environment and whilst clean, renewable power sources in Scotland are hit by 'green taxes' the USA gets away with it. Perhaps Blair needs to get in touch with reality. The USA is vunerable just now with a failing economy, sanctions implemented US wide would make the USA keep its treaty obligations or pay the economic price.