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ref date:15 Sep 1999 (EDU)
Students face life long debts in Scotland

Here is another of Labours BROKEN PROMISES Higher education for all.

With 18% of the Scottish population below the poverty level, and with those people paying taxes to run Scottish universities, no poor or even medium wealth Scots will be able to attend.

Why? The Liberals misled the electorate, they have no spine, they will not risk their power base in Scotland and will instead back London on its plans to INTERFERE again in internal Scottish matters and impose another tax on anyone who graduates from University - perhaps making them pay extra tax for the whole of their lives.

In short, poor Scots pay for Scottish uninversities they can never hope to send their own children to, no matter how bright these children may be, because these kids would STILL have to pay tuition fees and then face extra taxes after they graduated.

Instead, rich students, primarily from Southern England and other foreign countries who could pay the fees would come instead to study.

Labour is selling out the Scots AGAIN and the Liberals are showing what a collection of spineless, deceiptful goodfornothings they really are.

Bring the coalition down. Lets rerun the election and get LONDON OUT of Scotland forever.