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ref date:11 Jun 1998 (SI)
Widows Exec Needs To Stay Quiet

The Cheif Executive of the Scottish Widows Insurance firm, based in Edinburgh, has been an outspoken critic of Scottish moves towards independence.

He is always 'spouting off' irrationally about how large firms would quit Scotland if it were to become independent.

Thats nonsense, he knows it, I wonder who HE answers to in London?

Better if the Scottish Widows, who are a large employer moves South now and keeps its mouth closed UNLESS it can offer concrete evidence of WHY large firms would WANT to quit Scotland should it become independent.

The SNP (the Scottish National Party) have been rather silly trying to covertly attack Ross and his mouth.

They should now openly challenge all those business leaders who DO feel there is a risk in independence to explain WHY they see this risk, as the Americans say 'put up or SHUT up'.