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ref date:2 Jun 1999 (SI)
Parliament launch a sad shell of democracy in action

This June 30th, the Scottish 'parliament' will officially assume its extremely limited powers from London. Donald Dewar, London Labour lackie said of the plans to 'celebrate' that "Allied to the dignity of the Royal opening ceremony, this imaginative program will ensure that July is a day of celebration for the whole of Scotland, when the eyes of the world will be on us. It is right that the day is celebrated in a way that is accessible to all the people of Scotland."

It will be PATHETIC.

Celebrate what? Celebrate our lack of control over our own destiny? Celebrate the veto London has over much of what the Scottish 'parliament' will do? Celebrate the fact London is about to pinch off even more Scottish tax via the Barnett formula?

Perhaps celebrate the lack of backbone, gullibility and belief in the little lies from London?

Perhaps a wake for the death of freedom and democracy is a better idea?