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ref date:27 Apr 1998 (SI)
Tories still think the Scots love them

The Scottish reputation as being more socialist than England has come under scrutiny from a 'secret Tory poll' .

Apparently the Scots are meant to be as rampantly right wing as those living comfortable, sheltered lives in the South of Englands comfort zone!

What nonsense.

Have they asked those thousands of families living below the official EU poverty line in Western Scotland, those living in squalor in estates in Edinburgh or parts of Glasgow? I doubt it.

The problem may be that as in Wales in the 1970's many (all be they reasonable human beings) have moved from the South of England to Scotland to take advantage of the generally slower pace of life and the grander open spaces from TORY England?

The Scots hate the Conservatives (Tories) for the rape they committed on Scotland for 18 years under Major and Thatcher - now continued by Blair and New labour - hopefully they will vote SNP and remove these leeches from our land once and for all. And if not, at least get a deal on Scottish terms.