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ref date:13 Aug 1999 (SI)
Labour's secret deal to safeguard devolution

Labour completed a secret pre-election deal with the Liberal party to allow the devolution bills for Scotland and Wales to bypass possible blockage in parliament by not having all debate on the floor of the house of commons.

This was the old so called Salisbury convention - and for this Labour must be applauded.

Bernard Jenkin, a Tory spokesman on the constitution, said: "Labour and the Liberal Democrats should come clean on this secret agreement. Flouting Commons convention is in keeping with the high-handed and authoritarian style of this Government."

Again, this is disgusting considering the autocratic style of rule from Thatcher for 18 years in the "UK" - that ramrodded the poll tax into place, and made legal bodies such as Unions appear as outlaws, and that shut down Londons democratically elected council!