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ref date:18 Jan 2001 (SI)
SNP need to show how contrived Scotlands parliament is

If all members of the Scottish parliament were to leave their Westminster seats they would be saying that the 'Scottish Parliament' had enough powers and that the Scots were happy with it.

This is not the case

The fact is devolution has shown how LITTLE we control, how freely London vetoes our desires and how much wealth they strip from us with nothing given in return except sneering comments about how weak we would be by ourselves, and how much better of we are as Englands last colony.

Alex Salmond will help STOP this attitude in Westminster. He'll raise the flag and say we are NOT happy, that we still have hold of the 'sh-tty' end of the stick and that it is NOT good enough. No wonder these pro Scottish-English MPs hate him so much. The truth hurts guys doesn't it. You'd like to pretend their is no Scottish desire for freedom, TOUGH LUCK. You'll have to be reminded we are not happy, and that we'll not stop the democratic process to gain our independence.