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ref date:29 Oct 2001 (CD)
Terrorism and cluster bombs

Whilst the more hard line personalities in the "UK" and USA bounce around gleefully as pictures of laser guided weapons blow large holes in the sand in Afghanistan, many MPs in London and MSPs in Scotland are voicing concerns that the 'war or terrorism' (at least in the case of Afghanistan) may already have failed as the leaders are no where near the attack sites.

Others, including the ex-Leader of the SNP, Alex Salmond also hopes to get Blair to restrict the use of indiscriminate weapons such as cluster bombs.

Mr Salmond said he was extremely concerned about the use of such bombs as part of the military activity. "This is a worrying development in the campaign and is hardly compatible with the humanitarian effort to get aid lorries in and prevent mass starvation this winter"

Mr Salmond also pointed out the problems with use of depleted Uranium weapons in Kosovo, that are now causing cancers in that region in troops AND civilians.

This is NOT pacifism, nor an approval of the attrocities carried out against the US and non-US