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ref date:7 Apr 1999 (SI)
Yes or No to independence the SNP promise

Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party said "The decision on independence is a decision made in a referendum. It has to be made in a straight question do you want to see Scotland become an independent country and that has to be a straight yes or no."

This will give the Scots a real chance to take their full place not only as a full member of the E.U. (and its biggest oil/gas producer) but also allow Scotland a seat in the United nations, the World Trade organisation and numerous other bodies that define ALL world affairs, and all this without Londons interference.

There will be no closed border. No lack of (pretty good actually) Kentish beer, the trains will still go between London and Glasgow, the planes will still fly freely over Sottish airspace and parents will still be able to relax with their infants to the sounds of purple teletubbies.

All and this with Scots making decisions without London telling us what we can and cannot do.....

Yes Mr Blair, we DEMAND this referendum, or in your eyes are we not good enough, or mature enough to have our nation back - as the Kosovars are and the Baltic states and the C.I.S.?