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ref date:8 May 2003 (eur)
EU should sanction US over trade breaches
The WTO has told the US that is tax breaks given to Microsoft and Boeing are illegal and that the EU has the right to impose sanctions on the US as a punishment until the US removes these benefits for these two US corporations.

Sanctions could reach £2.6bn ($4.5 billion).

Any why not? The US illegaly tariffs steel entering the US at 30% to protect its own employees, if they dont play by the rules (do they ever - look at their terrorist invasion of Iraq) -why should the EU?

The US economy is VERY VERY VERY WEAK, and the EU should exploit this now, the same way the US exploited European weakness via the Marshall plan after World War II.

The EU could MANDATE all member states buy oil in Euros instead to damage the dollar. Why keep the US on 'your side' if, before you know it, a knife has been slipped between your shoulder blades?

The US is already pushing $6billion into Polands sticky little hands when Poland is trying to become an EU member and the US is accepting former Eastern block states into NATO ( a tax payers nightmare in Europe as NATO is a US puppet) t undermine all chances of a European parliamentary controlled force to help in world trouble spots.

Bottom line: the US government cannot be trusted and needs to understand its power extends only as far as its threats and spin are believed. They cant even PAY for their Iraq intrusion themselves and expect everyone else to provide aid for humans whilst their companies 'rebuild' EG EXPLOIT Iraq by rebuilding the infrastructure THEY destroyed. Who wants friends or allies like that?