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ref date:19 Sep 2002 (wba)
Fair voting system in Scotland - not likely
The Liberal party and the Labour party, both controlled by their head offices in England, have agreed on a new bill for Scotlands sham of a parliament that would ensure votes cast in Scottish local elections gave proportional weighting to all parties who stood for election, rather than a simple first-past-the-post system.

However, the bill will NEVER come to the statute books because it will not clear hurdles before the next election for the Scottish 'parliament'.

Jack McConnell, the first minister, and Jim Wallace, his deputy and leader of the LibDems, have shaken hands on a deal which is just a face saver.

The Liberals have cowardly sold out on all their promises to the Scottish people to keep themselves in power. Now we see a new 'deal' to make believe to the electorate that labour and Liberals WANT fair voting.