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ref date:30 Aug 1999 (WBA)
Labours diktats arrive to subdue the Scottish population

The Scottish parliament will have no right to approve or even debate the deals struck between Blairs labour things in Scotland, the so called 'Scottish Office' and the dirty little pen pushers in Whitehall.

The 'concordants' that will set out what the Scottish people will get out of their 'parliament' will remain secret until they become law!

ALex Neil, SNP Member of the Scottish parliament said "At the moment these are new Labour diktats and not concordats. Why havenít we been allowed to see them yet? The way this answer is worded is as if there is a big cover-up and the only time the rest of Scotland will see them is when new Labour has stitched them up."

So much for democracy. Thsi Scottish parliament needs to be shut DOWN now, and a new election held, without Londons blessing.