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ref date:21 Nov 1997 (EDU)
Labour wrecking Scots education system

Labour is tinkering with the Scottish higher education system, a system that produces better qualified pupils and University graduates than just about any other country in Europe.

Rather than force ALL universities to accept the certificate of sixth year studies (the Scottish equivalent of the English A level), Labour will force the new scheme into place against the wishes of most teachers and without consulting parents ( Labours manifesto lie

The Scottish higher for 16-17 year olds and the CSYS (17-18 year olds) are to be replaced by the "Higher Still" ( what a stupid name ) There will be five levels of courses, from Access at the bottom, through Intermediate 1, 2, Higher to Advanced Higher. The final two levels will be roughly equivalent to the current Higher and CSYS respectively. Most courses are due to begin next August, with Advanced Higher a year later.

There is insufficient funding, training and no consultation.

These new courses are to be so broad ranging and non-specific as to be useless to those children who wish to specialise, assuming they can afford to go onto to University or college education now Labour has introduced it 'tax on education'

How Old Tory of New labour.