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ref date:3 Oct 1997 (ECON)
Why many Scots leave for California

The Scotsman Newspaper, Edinburgh placed an interesting article on 3rd October 1997 concerning why many Scots and other people from England leave for Silicon Valley centered around San Jose in California USA.

One of the reasons cited was the ability of Silicon valley to invest millions in venture capital into new and exciting tech ideas in computing and biotechnology.

Its a sad truth that with all Scotlands oil wealth being sucked dry by Westminster that Scotland cant offer the same to keep its brightest people who will help build a new Scotland after the parliament is formed in time for the millennium.

The "British" government now as always doesn't have the guts to encourage that kind of foresight and does not encourage entrepeneurs.

If you want a good example look at Thrust the Rocket car currently looking for the world land supersonic breakthrough. It may well fail as it can't get sponsorship. The Americans would be all over the car JUST to get their name seen.

So much for strong leadership from London.