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ref date:15 Jan 1999 (ECON)
Scottish oil Labour claims there isnt enough

A report published today indicates that the SNP may not be able to rely simply on oil revenue for its plan to rebuild the whats left of Scotlands infrastructure and economy after years of neglect inflicted by London/Westminster.

However, we've all heard this one before. It IS a certainty one day that oil and gas will run out. But not soon.

The oil and gas may be harder to extract these days but new fields keep on appearing off the Scottish coast that multinationals will develop as supplies in the middle east are affected by US politics!

Alex Salmond, the SNP leader said "It is unfortunate that the Economist (and Labour) has chosen to treat a good academic exercise in such a partial fashion. Far from weakening the SNP position, Alex Kemp's report actually strengthens it by pointing up the increasing dominance of the Scottish share of oil and gas in the future."