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ref date:19 Mar 1999 (SI)
Scots will STAY POOR unless they take control of their own destiny

Blair says he will end poverty and can be quoted as having stated " "Our historic aim will be for ours to be the first generation to end child poverty. It will take a generation. It is a 20-year mission but I believe it can be done if we reform the welfare state and build it around the needs of families and children."

Fine words.

Unfortunately, anyone who has driven round areas of Western Scotland surrounding or in Glasgow and Western Edinburgh, through the once thriving coal areas in Fife and the Central region will see WHAT LONDON HAS DONE TO MOST SCOTS

It has abandoned them.

What is confusing is these same people still vote Labour as though by doing so, by offering the one thing they own outright, their vote, that London will be their saviour.


They will stay poor until they realise that taking control of their own countries affairs will set things right.

Blair wants to take a generation for this to happen.

We cant wait another month, London has had 300 years to ruin uns, time toi get back on the right path and have some dignity.