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ref date:31 Oct 2001 (SI)
Helen Liddell preparing to disenfranchise most of Scotland

At a time when small European INDEPENDENT nations like Ireland and Denmark take full advantage of all the European Union has to offer and negotiate openly with the larger member countries, Scotland has NO direct voice and will now lose its voice in the parliament in London.

Liddell, Blairs pet - it set to help reduce the number of Scottish MPs at Westminster , and redraw constiuencies to ensure that more Labour voters are included.

Given she also wants to see the numbers of Scottish parliamentarians reduced in Holyrood, we can see a gag being placed on 30-40% of all Scotlands legal voters/tax payers.

This is all about consolidating labours grip on power in Scotland so it can better execute the plans dictated to labour in Scotland via Blair in London.

The Scottish parliament is a JOKE, sterile, impotent (as most matters are 'reserved IE CONTROLLED from London anyway).

So much for freedom in Scotland and so much for the bull that is devolution.