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ref date:12 Jun 2001 (SI)
Londons plans to strip Scotland of MORE cashflow

This site has consistently reported on the subtle and not so subtle hints coming from London that showed how they would screw more money from Scotland after giving us our useless so called parliament.

Alex Salmond, said the SNP would campaign vigorously for more money for Scotland.

Setting out his priorities for the new parliament Mr Salmond said: "One of our key priorities will be exposing the dramatic cuts in funding for Scotland's schools, hospitals and police as a result of the current funding arrangements.

"Our intention is to demonstrate, suing detailed parliamentary questioning, the full extent and impact on Scotland of the 2bn Barnett squeeze that academics have indicated will face Scotland over the next three years.

"We will be exposing the costs - not only in terms of cash, but also on the number of doctors, nurses, teachers and police officers in Scotland."