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ref date:29 Nov 2001 (WBA)
Southern English sadists to fill Scotland with their sick blood lust

The people of Scotland largely do not want to see foxes being hunted by dogs and torn to shreds in front of fat people on horses sipping Pimms. The Scottish parliament has a ban on fox hunting and other sick blood sports on the table.

However, on December 16th upto 200,000 ENGLISH sadists who want to see a continuation of their sick, blood lust filled, so called 'traditional' hunting in Scotland and England plan to swamp Edinburgh to push their vile point of view down the Scottish medias throat.

It would be a good idea for Scots who want these sick blood sports to stop to Get large lorries of people motivated during the fuel protests to BLOCK all roads into Edinburgh to keep these sick, Southern English barbarians out of our countries capital.....