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ref date:19 Dec 2000 (SI)
Sir Sean Connery blocked from helping Scottish Independence

Sean Connery pays taxes to the London "UK" treasury, but he has not filled in his "UK" ballot papers to let him vote at home. Because of this he (and countless others like him), who hold "UK" passports will NOT be able to fund their favourite party, be it Labour, SNP (in Seans case) or Tory.

Alex Salmond (once SNP leader) said: "The clear discrimination that anyone in the world can give any amount of money to any party in Northern Ireland, while Sean Connery, the world's most famous Scotsman, a UK citizen, who pays tax to the UK Treasury, can't donate anything to the SNP is indefensible."

Of course London does not want to lose Scotlands tax revenue, so they keep us in thralldom, using Labour lackies in their councils and parliamentary seats to spread lies and fear amongst the demoralised Scots.

Whats really sickening is that Labour takes money from trade unions and the Tories from big business and thats OK whilst Sean and others are DISENFRANCHISED.....

If you have a "UK" passport you should be allowed to vote, otherwise it IS anti European Convention on Human Rights.