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ref date:2 Nov 2000 (SI)
McLeish as secretive as ever over Scotlands government

Mcleish, Labour and the pro Scottish-English Union leading lap dog continues to DENY access to all government papers in a brazen stance that makes 'open' government impossible.

This stance makes it possible for London to continue to manipulate Scotland, spread lies and rape us of our natural resources in a shroud of secrecy agreed between Whitehall , Blair and Westminster.

Yes, its a conspiracy to prevent the Scots from EVER achieving nationhood, or at least delaying that time until our richest natural resources have been stripped completely for Englands benefit.

McLeish said of open disclosure on internal documents: "That does not mean that information can or should be made available in all circumstances because good government also means responsible government."

Sine WHEN has Labour been responsible? Their councils are corrupt, they implement Londons will on us and spread lies and spin as their Westminster masters tell them. Thats not only irresponsible, its treacherous to the Scots population.