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ref date:16 May 1999 (SI)
Secrets and Lies Londons plan for the Scots

With the Liberal democrats broking power with London controlled Labour MPs in the new Scottish parliament Blair has perceived a threat to his power base that will keep the Scots under his and Londons collective thumb - secrets.

Blair fears that the Liberals in the Scottish Lib-Lab coalition who have conspired to rob the Scots of their dignity will leak Westminsters secrets to the Scots.

Here are some of the labour comments about this fear of losing control and having their lies uncovered

"Clear guidelines are needed." "The question is how we can be assured of Scottish collective responsibility and silence."

"There is an obvious danger that people who are in a rival party may leak the Labour government's secrets to embarrass it, or else tip off their English Lib Dem colleagues so they can build resistance."

So much for "Open government"