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ref date:13 Aug 2000 (SI)
London lackie John Reid hides truth over Scotland sea sell off

Just before the Scots voted in favour of a devolved parliament, London arranged to steal 6000 square miles of Scotlands internationally recognised ocean with the help of the London sponsored Scottish Office.

Richard Lochhead, a Scottish member of Parliament (MSP) has requested access to all papers relating to this theft of Scotlands property and John Reid, Scottish secretary and labour London lackie has said no.

Dr John Reid said it "would not be in the public interest" for him to be given access to the correspondence between the former Scottish Office and Whitehall in the run-up to the decision.

Lochhead said "So much for freedom of information. This is a scandalous decision that confirms suspicions throughout Scotland that London pulled out the stops to rob Scotland, and New Labour allowed Whitehall to siphon off 6000 square miles of Scottish seas in the run-up to devolution and treat our fishermen with contempt."

Reid's reply read "I have given very careful consideration to your request to have access to the Government papers relating to the establishment of this fishing boundary. The papers concerned consist of communications between departments and internal public interest. I am sorry not to be more helpful."

The control over Scottish waters is also a devolved matter so are any documents pertaining to these waters, nothing like covering up theft is there?

This is the same behaviour as all Londons loud mouths who say Scotland isn't viable economically as an independent country - PROVE IT OR SHUT THE HELL UP!!!