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ref date:1 Sep 1997 (SI)
Thatcher hints at English hatred for Scotland

The former prime minister Baroness Thatcher urges Scots to reject the Government's home rule proposals in Thursday's 11th Sep 1997 referendum.

She said that if Scotland voted for its devolved parliament it would put the Act of Union at risk and warns that devolution could lead to an awakening of "a resentful English nationalism".

What would happen, would England invade Scotland AGAIN??? That wonderful democratic England???

Those people who want devolution know that Thatcher is so hated by most Scots, that the vote will go in their favour now.

Lady Thatcher, who will be speaking at a conference on tourism in Scotland today, says: "What is at stake - in the case of both the propositions on the ballot paper - is nothing short of the Union of the United Kingdom itself. And the constitution of our country is a matter of the gravest moment for all of us - north and south of the Border, though you would never think it from the shallow and cynical manner in which the Government is proceeding."

She concludes: "I do not believe that most Scots want to end the Union. But separation is the destination towards which the present devolution proposals lead. They represent a negation of our shared history and an abdication of our joint future. Scottish voters can do no greater service to their country than to reject them."