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ref date:3 Jun 1999 (WBA)
Conservatives and SNP say Labour is suffocating democracy at Birth in Scotland

Both the SNp and Tory parties in Scotland (the worlds most unlikely political bedfellows) have said that the funding limit of 5000 pounds ($8000) per MSP (member of Scottish parliament) to help the opposition parties was woefully inadequate and assured London that it could stifle ANY democracy in Scotlands new 'parliament'.

Michael Russell of the SNP said "They (the Scottish executive) are attempting to ensure that the work of the opposition parties is undermined. There is a concerted attempt to undermine the work of opposition, indeed to undermine the democratic process."

David McLetchie , Tory party leader in Scotland said "In Scotland, they are doing everything they can to suppress opposition for the unprincipled coalition with the Liberal Democrats. In short, parliamentary democracy is being short-changed in Scotland."