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ref date:2 Dec 1999 (CD)
New warship deal leaves Scottish shipbuilders shortchanged

The "British" navy wants new warships - still built to designs that are more vulnerable to attack by sophisticated missile and bomb weapons - but they know best of course...

What's troubling is that after Westminster has systematically shut, or by lack o f action caused to be shut most Scottish yards NOW come new military orders.

These orders will ensure lots of cosy jobs in the South of England helping shore up Labours Nu-look for old disenchanted Tories.

Thanks Blair for this charity - but a little too late dont you think? With Kvaea ner on the Clyde a ghost of warship building past it is, too little, too late for the Scots, as usual.

Why then do many Scots keep voting Labour? Why do lemmings have an affinity for cliffs....?