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ref date:12 May 2002 (econ)
Scottish science park a white elephant like the millennium dome?
The 75 million ($120 million) science complex at pacific quay in Glasgow on the West coast of Scotland was supposed to highlight the best in Scottish hi-tech and open a view into innovation both past and present in Scotland. The Space-needle look alike Titanium tower was the centre piece of this show.

However, despite attracting more than 420,000 people since opening last June, costs have not been covered and the staff now expect lay-offs. The show piece needle has been shut for months due to license foul ups in Glasgows Labour run council and broken bearings in its base that cause it to list like the tower of Pisa.

What Scotland needs is a REAL government, no Scottish Office and NO WESTMINSTER based interference in our economy, rather than glossy London sponsored gimics.