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ref date:22 Oct 2001 (WBA)
Scots opinions on terrorism don't matter obviously

There is surely no one in Scotland who does not want to see the perpetrators of the attack on the USA punished. However, there will be many who are very unhappy that hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians will freeze and/or starve to death in high mountains this winter as Bush and Blair do their best to put an end to the Taliban regime.

Of course its also a marvellous distraction from the failing US economy and from 'home' politics in the so called "UK"

A Times columnist said "Frankly, it wouldn't matter which line a Scottish prime minister took. The world would go on just as if he had never spoken. Nobody is paying much attention to whatever is being said in Denmark or indeed in the Republic of Ireland. They are small countries and are essentially out of the game. That would be an independent Scotland's position, too."

And here you see the truth about Londons feelings towards Scotland. We do NOT matter. Our opinions do NOT matter. Our votes for Labour matter. Our Oil and tax revenue matters. But we simply are a little country (like Afghanistan in fact) so we can go to hell.

Here you see the imperialist, flag waving, Union Jack lunatic at his/her best.

Quite frankly, if being a citizen of an independent SMALL European nation (a free Scotland) meant we would not have the firepower to kill civilians and starve countless others to death, so much the better.

What will still matter after this fiasco in Afghanistan is over, and we have a 'democracy' installed there, is that Scotland will still NOT be a nation, will still do as London dictates and tough luck for us.