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ref date:25 Jul 1999 (SI)
Scottish Lords screaming over such matters

Labour promised to reform the house of Lords in London to make it accountable and elected to the people of Scotland and England. They have so far failed to meet this promise.

Now Lord Gray, an hereditary peer, who sits comfortably in Argyll is upset as Lodon will axe the number of Scottish peers to less than 16, the number set by the Treaty of Union in 1707 .

WHO CARES? Its is such people who have enjoyed the benefits Westminster bestowed upon them for almost 3 centuries as Scotland was pushed around by London. Now HE may suffer he cries foul! What of the breaches of the treaty involving the poll tax, road taxation, and the stealing of Scottish waters?

I hope London does axe him and all his kind. The so called Union has been rotten since its bastard inception in 1706 anyway.