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ref date:7 Apr 2000 (ECON)
Sick and tired of Labours London bred lying?

The Scottish parliament, if it is to built at all, should not pay VAT in costs to London. It should also ave access to low interest rate, long term financing like Gilts issues and should NOT be financed by raping Scotlands budget for years to come.


Labour Finance Minister Jack McConnell said "It was vitally important to recognise that Scotland got back significantly more from the UK Exchequer than we paid in. There was a structural deficit of around 4bn and to suggest otherwise was "deceitful and dishonest".

SICK OF THIS LIE? The SNP need to expose this lie once and for all, Scots with brains have knows for years now based on Londons own figures that Scottish oil, gas, income tax, tax on our electronics industry and financial sector (bigger than most European countries) have been screwed from us. This has to stop to make the ordinary man in the Scottish street realise that as a free man, with no London - will be richer, happier and independent.