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ref date:5 Oct 1999 (EDU)
Tories plan THEIR way to sink Scottish education

Blair and his luddites in London have tried to bluff, blackmail and bludgeon their way into Scottish education standards. Rather than admitting their is a staff turnover problem, underfunding , poor salaries and low morale, all the blaim has been put on teachers themselves.

Now the Tories plan to 'free' Scottish schools from local authorities if they were to win at the next "UK" general election.

WRONG: education is devolved to Scotland' "parliament".

Here are their mad ideas...

  • Giving schools autonomy over their own budgets.
  • Allowing them to set their own pay scales for teachers.
  • Letting headteachers determine curricula, exam targets, term times, discipline and admissions.
  • Permitting parents to hold ballots to call in schools inspectors.
  • Sacking heads and governors at "failing" schools.

Stuff and nonsense!

The Schools get their money from local authorities.

Salaries must reflect local living costs.

Gret, lets have extreme Christians in one school and sun worshippers in another. No evolution taught as thats against Gods word here, and no Christianity taught up the road because thats unscientific....

It would be a jungle if these looney Tory plans were ever to materialise! Scotland needs a good, standard curriculum that maintains balance - not some half baked lets vote and talk and get every NON professional under the sun meddling in school business.