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ref date:22 Jun 1998 (WBA)
Labour Sleazes on

Labours pledge to get sleaze out of politics has suffered yet another setback that represents more of an own-goal than Scotlands footballers just inflicted upon themselves!

Blairs London bully boys have set the values and opinions a prospective Labour member for the Scottish parliament must posses BEFORE that candidate will be rubber stamped by the paarty in London.

Labour has not been open AT ALL about what these criteria have been.

The Scottish public have a right to know exactly WHAT the selection criteria are. After all, the same Scottish public will have to vote for these more than likely vetted candidates. Candidates that have made it clear in their interviews that they are against Scotland moving on to independence perhaps?

Why doesn't Blair come out in the open and put the sleaze behind him, that is assuming he can....