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ref date:1 Nov 2001 (WBA)
Henry McLeish a good example of LABOUR-London sleaze in action

Digby Brown the law firm at the centre of the storm over Henry McLeish's failure to declare rental income, not only has strong Labour connections but direct links to the Judicial Bench.

The legal connection caused so much controversy that Lord Hardie, the then lord advocate, publicly defended himself last year against accusations of "cronyism" over appointments of Digby Brown personnel.

It followed suggestions that Ranji Swanney and Peter Gillam were favoured in the selection process for new sheriffs because they had worked for the firm.

There were also claims that other lawyers from the firm had gone on to secure influential positions at Westminster and within the Scottish Executive.

Mr McLeish has already agreed to repay 9000 to the Commons, having failed to declare rental income from the sub-lets of his publicly-funded Glenrothes office to Digby Brown and others.

A legal source said: "The firm has never made secret its involvement in the labour movement, and its work with trades unions goes back to the 1920s."

.............and that makes it all right I suppose????