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ref date:2 Feb 1998 (WBA)
Labour sleaze in motion

Labour promised an end to sleaze

The new "constitutional (kangaroo) court" which will supposedly adjudicate in disputes between Westminster and Edinburgh will be made up of a majority of English judges and 11 former Tory ministers.

The Tories hated Scotland and treated its people like second class citizens. They imposed illegal taxes (the poll tax that breached the so called Act of Union ) - how can the Scots be expected to receive fair play from such constitutional criminals?

The committee will have the power to strike down Scottish legislation passed by the Edinburgh parliament and will make final and binding decisions on the limits of its powers.

Again: time for the hoodwinked Scottish Labour voter to get a grip on reality , throw their voting history into the bin work with the Scottish Nationalists to remove Westminsters interfering and thieving hand from Scotland once and for all.